InDesign video tutorials

I’ve put together a playlist of introductory InDesign video courses on

They include short & more in-depth courses as well as introductions to basic graphic design principles and how to use grids to make the job of designing attractive layouts a lot easier.

Click this link to go to the playlist on (you will have to log in with your college ID & password).

Some useful websites for Adobe Illustrator fashion drawing

Sew Heidi
Sew Heidi is the online name used by a New York-based fashion designer. She has produced some excellent resources, videos & downloads. 
Sew Heidi website | YouTube channel

She also runs another website which sells Illustrator templates but also has free video tutorials: Illustrator Stuff School

Fashion Classroom
Offer paid & premium content but there are some free tutorials & downloads which are clearly marked & their blog has regular updates on lots of fashion drawing topics. Video training here and some free goodies here.

Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool: A Comprehensive Guide


tutsplus Illustrator Pen Tool guide

This excellent tutorial from the Tuts Plus website will give you a complete run down on using the pen tool. It goes into a lot of detail including how to set different preferences (chapter 6) for the tool which you might not want to bother with straightaway, but the chapters on the basics and how to use the tool are perfect for getting to know your way around with the Pen tool.

It covers how to draw different points & paths, what the pen tool looks like in different situations, keyboard shortcuts to save time and best practice (chapter 8) to get the shapes you want.


Apple Store: Student Discounts

apple-case-logoYou can automatically get a discount at an Apple Store by showing your UAL ID card to one of the sales team. The discounts vary from just a few pounds on iPads & iPhones to bigger ones on computers.

You can check out the discounts online by clicking this link to the Apple Education Store. Compare with the usual Apple Store prices here.

There is a slightly complicated way of getting three discounts when buying from the Apple Store.

FIrstly, use a credit or debit card that gives cashback to pay.

Next, when you are at college, access the Apple Education Store via an online cashback website. You will have to register and setup an account beforehand – which usually includes testing that their website can track your purchases. For more details on cashback websites, see this article with recommendations on

FInally, when you get passed over to the Apple Store, look for the link that takes you to the Apple Education Store. You’ll have to select University of the Arts, London from the menus (this is why you need to make the purchase when you are on a Uni network so that the website can confirm that you are a student there).

All the prices will be adjusted for the educational discount but won’t include any of the cashback refunds.